Bowling fo columbine 整理&感想

Director:Micheal Moore
This movie discuss the gun control of America.
Things happen in a high school two students aband bowling class.
Killing studentds on the campus with guns.

This makes me thinks about questions below:

1.How to get guns?
In America it is easy to get guns.
First,you have to get the account then fill some documents. 
While you finish these things you can by guns.

2.Why  Americans killing each other with guns more often then other countries?

2.1 History
America don’t has a period of killing history.
But such as china,jepan,…these countries,have a long time of killing history.

2.2 fear
Mess media,goverment,comics…told people the dangers surround them.
They need use guns to protect themselves.

3. Why people needs guns?
3.1 It is the duty to guard myself.

3.2 release anger 
Those people triggered guns to release angers.

3.3 fear     
poeple say they need guns.They fear others will shoot them.

in my opinion,they don’t trust poeple so they need guns to keep save their life.
In fact, it is not necessary for you to carry guns.
The more you fear others,the more power you need.
Therefore put out your fear, so you can live without guns.

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